It used to be that garages were for putting cars into so that they didn’t have to brave the elements. That doesn’t seem to be so true anymore. If you’re anything like me then your garage is a disaster.  It’s our primary storage space, laundry room, exercise room, and my office…all crammed together in one medium-sized space. Here are 5 tips for organizing your garage:

  1. Use plywood in the rafters for extra storage. There are a couple of caveats to this. First, make sure that the plywood is thick enough to hold the weight of the boxes that you intend to place there. If the wood is too thin, make-use-of-the-extra-studs-768x1024you run the risk of it breaking.
  2. Use exposed studs.  I wish that I could do this one (unfortunately previous owners put up sheet rock). It’s a fantastic idea. We’re always looking for another spot to put our excess…stuff. Every inch counts when it comes to the garage so using the space in between the studs is sheer brilliance.
  3. Use storage racks. Sounds simple but if you really aren’t going to park your car in the garage you may as well utilize space as much as possible. We have two rows of the storage racks and are now comfortably able to stow our camping gear, travel items, serving dishes that we don’t always use and other odds an ends.
  4. Pegged that one! Perhaps you still need more room for dad’s hacksaw that he insists he will use. Putting up a peg board is still a favorite although maybe outlining where the tools go on the board is a little obsessive.
  5. If putting up plywood to store your pre-teen’s toddler clothes isn’t for you, take a look at The Family Handyman’s website. You can learn how to create a sliding storage system that is designed for your garage ceiling. It’s completely out of the box thinking and is a fantastic hack.
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