Every day we hear about how owning a home is the American Dream. Unfortunately, the Dream feels like it’s slipping away. Low inventory & rising prices make the process feel too difficult.

row of homes

But!!! all is not lost.

Like many things in life, perseverance is key…and having the right agent. An agent’s job is to get you more of what you want. We do this by knowing the inventory available, asking questions and through negotiations. Today, I’m just going to focus on inventory.



With the advent of Zillow, Realtor.com, and other third party home buying sites you – the buyer – have access to as much, if not more, real time data as Realtors® do. However, even with instant alerts to your phone, agents should still take the time to review their hotlist (inventory changes) at least once a day, preferably in the morning. There isn’t anything worse than talking to an agent who has no idea about the current inventory.

But knowing big data isn’t enough. Good agents preview homes…and lots of them. One of my real estate coaches once told me that good agents preview 5-10 homes per day. This not only helps me to have a thorough grasp of the inventory, but it means that I can eliminate homes from your search that doesn’t meet your criteria. There’s no need to waste your time looking at a home that you don’t want.

Knowing what homes are available in what areas is also important when it comes to time management. Your time is valuable and agents shouldn’t show you a home in an area that doesn’t work for you. In the very beginning, you and your agent should drive through the general area (e.g. American Canyon/Vallejo, etc.) in order to pick out specific subdivisions (e.g. Vintage Ranch, Stefan Manor, etc.) that work best for you. That way, you and your agent can formulate a plan to find the right home at the right price for you in the neighborhood that you want…


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