I’ll be back with part 3 of home buying on Friday. Today, I am going to start a monthly series on American Canyon planning.

American Canyon’s Planning Commission meets tomorrow night with some big news for the community (nope…not Watson Ranch!): They will be reviewing plans for construction of a new, 10,000± sf multi-use parish & administrative building for Holy Family Church.  If you aren’t aware, Holy Family has been raising money for quite some time in order to get this church built. I’ve lived in town for eight-plus years and I feel like this capital campaign has been going on for at least that long.  Hats off to my friends at Holy Family. You can check out the staff report here.construction-site-build-construction-work-159358

Of course, really everyone wants to know about Watson Ranch. I’m not on the inside (yet), but I can tell you that the applicant started negotiating a development agreement with the City on October 1 which is a little odd since I don’t remember planning sending the draft EIR to the City Council. Seems to me they’re putting the cart before the horse a bit, but I may be wrong on that one.  Click here for a thorough overview of the project.

My interest is also piqued by the proposed five unit subdivision on the corner of West Carolyn & Rio del Mar. The planning department sent it back to the developer with comments and they are just receiving an updated proposal. Sure hope that they don’t take away from the view over on Jana.

Last but not least, building is well under way for the Boys & Girls Club and Valley View with the Village at Vintage Ranch not far behind.

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