Getting a handle on your drawers…

No matter how well intentioned my wife and I are, we find that our kitchen drawers get absolutely chaotic just days after reorganizing them. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve spent 20 minutes looking for a bottle opener that was just “right there!!” the day before. Perhaps these Houzz hacks can help.

In case you forgot, I’m big on the KonMarie method. I can actually find the shirts that I want to wear and – for the most part – I can close my dresser drawers now (except for the broken ones – which is about half of them but that’s a different story). I mention this because part of organizing is decluttering. You may be reluctant to get rid of some of your oldest kitchen tools…there’s an emotional attachment.

It might sound silly that it’s hard to get rid of those measuring spoons that are melted or that are missing the 1/2 tsp…at least it is until you realize that those are the spoons that your Great Aunt Alice gave to you just before she passed. You can honor that memory without having to hold onto the measuring spoons. And that’s one to grow on…

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