Design trends across the country

One of my favorite side benefits of being a Realtor is being able to get a handle on design trends before they become…well…trendy. Thankfully, I haven’t seen a lot of the living coral in the area that Pantone promised would be the color of the year. Nevertheless, when I look to see what’s popular – or what will be popular – the Houzz blog is one of my go-to’s. Check out these trends from around the country.

I’m enjoying the trend away from the grays that have been taking over all of the flips for the past four or five years. I grew up in a house with pine wood floors and a butcher block counter top – the move back towards wood is nostalgic and a delight for me. It also works well in just about any area in California. I also always enjoy color against the stark white trim. One thing that I worry about – or used to as a parent – is having everything so white that I’m afraid to sit down…or have my kids touch anything. I definitely prefer whites as accents rather than the primary color.

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