Getting Uncomfortable

Letting Go of Perfection

I’m a little less than half way through The Alchemist. I’ll leave the deep dive until I’m done, but one idea has come up for me in all of my readings over the past few months. It started as a small voice but has turned into a large Greek chorus. Growth doesn’t occur without without discomfort. Brian Buffini’s podcast today was about growing up – becoming emotionally mature – and he was quite blunt. There can be no growth without being uncomfortable.

There are no perfect solutions to the current inventory shortage and housing affordability issues that face us, today. One thing that I do know, however, is that the solutions won’t be comfortable. They likely aren’t even simple. But the time for discussion 🗣 is over. We need to start making difficult decisions whether they are politically popular or not…whether they are perfect or not. There isn’t any perfect solution but there has to be movement towards a solution. Everyone is going to have to give up something in order to move forward.

One thought on “Getting Uncomfortable

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