All About the Mail…

Buyer Tip of the Week

After buying your home, one of the things (among many others) that you’ll want to do is to get the mail forwarded from your old address. However, rather than the mailbox out in front of the house, many subdivisions moved to having the cluster mailboxes. Although perhaps easier for the mail carriers, it does come with a couple of quirks once you’ve moved in. First, you’ll want to get a new key. With mail fraud rampant throughout many communities it just makes good sense to get a new mail box key.

It’s a fairly simple (and easy!) although not quick. You’ll have to go down to the main post office (for me, it was the USPS over on Church Street in Vallejo) and fill out a work order form. Also be sure to fill out a “hold” form so that mail being sent to you gets held at the post office and you can pick it up once or twice a week. It then takes 4-6 weeks for the post office to get a new key made. They will call you when it’s done.

Especially as a new owner, it’s important to make sure that vital documents arrive safely. In addition to getting a new key made, I encourage you to sign up for the USPS service, Informed Delivery. It tells you what pieces are in the mail on any given day so that you can be on the lookout for anything important.

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