I spend a significant amount of time every day preparing for the one question that I get from just about everybody: How’s the market? 🦗 🦗 🦗

Ummmm…it depends on whether you’re a buyer, seller, or investor?? Perhaps, but the overarching message will continue to be that the market is scorching 🔥

What they’re really asking is this: When is the crash coming? I’ve got bad news…it’s not. At least not right away. Even with runaway inflation, monstrous housing prices, and high (3.5%⁉️!?) interest rates, there are still way more buyers than sellers. Especially with exorbitant new construction prices that appear to be going up all of the time.

If you’re looking at trying to time the market, my advice is don’t. There are way too many variables. If you’re ready to sell now and you have some place to go, it’s an extremely good time to do so. Jump on it.

If you’re in a position to buy, definitely do it. Even though the market will be cooling off this summer, it’s still going up. The danger in trying to play the market is that the prices are only going to go up.

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