The City Celebrates its founding in 1992.

As you know, usually I’m a little more on the ball about these big anniversaries and the like. They’re important to me and so I try to pay attention. And yet, somehow, in the craziness that is January 2022 (at least we didn’t have an insurrection this year, so there’s that…) I complete forgot that my adopted home town turned 30. I know, can you believe it? American Canyon is – according to my kids, at least – old.

A lot has happened in the 13-plus years since I moved here – a couple of fires, an earthquake…COVID – and I fully expect the next 13-plus years to be just as eventful. I’m excited to see what time brings. Over the next 30 days, I’ll be highlighting some of my favorite spots around town…favorite restaurants…probably a person or two. You can go to my YouTube Channel to get a glimpse of all that this amazing and wonderful town has to offer.

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