I don’t know why I’m so bad with birthdays. Somehow I’ve missed American Canyon’s so far this year. Happy Birthday, a few days late. To that end, over the next 30 days (or so) I’ll be wandering around my adopted home city taking a look at 30 things that I love about the City. You can see episode 1, here.

Rock music lovers everywhere bowed their heads in silence, today, as we learned of Meatloaf’s passing. Bat Out of Hell II is still one of my all time favorite albums. And don’t forget the eternal question for us 90’s kids…what is it that you won’t do for love?

As buyers throughout the country are becoming priced out of the market, rent rose 14% year-over-year for December. I’m not rental specialist, but even I know that the vacancy rate is crazy low – 97.5% nationally. Feels like even less in the Bay Area. There was an article earlier in the week warning apartment owners about assuming that this tight market will remain and that they still have to do some work to keep consumers interested. The sad fact is that we’re not building enough of anything – including multi-unit residential – to make up for the demand. You can expect rents to continue to rise. Yet another sad sign of the times.

Are you one of those folks who likes to hang out and watch reality real estate? I’m not but I took this quiz to find out that I’m like Andy Williams (apparently, not the crooner, so no Moon River for you! Bonus points if you know who wrote the score…I’ll give you a hint…)

According to the good folks at Berkshire Hathaway, “the rollercoaster ride buyers and sellers lived through during the pandemic is coming to an end.” Not to make fun of the folks at BHHS because they are smart and good folks, but…any idea how many active homes on the market in American Canyon today? šŸ¦—šŸ¦— three…

3 homes for sale in American Canyon…and one of them is a $500,000 tear down! There were 14 offers on 319 Northampton after only 5 days.

How about Benicia? 6 homes for sale. Vallejo – 67 homes for sale. Fairfield – 29 homes for sale in the city of Fairfield proper. I can’t speak for the rest of the country, but unless something changes quickly, it’s going to be another difficult year for buyers.

For those of you who are of a certain age, you’ll remember…just because.

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