I’ve been in a funk, this week. I’m feeling a little like Medusa after a fight with Perseus, although this could accurately depict the scene on September 17 in South Bend…apparently someone over UC Berkeley thought it would be a good idea to pit the Bears football team against Notre Dame. Must be some kind of measuring stick game…what the f$%k were they thinking?!

The war in Ukraine is definitely a downer (the same can’t be said for gas prices though). The entire major league season is threatened, although there’s always Winthrop v. Liberty (how the hell is Liberty #18 in the country?!) on ESPN+…I’m thinking that it mostly has something to do with getting to the end of 30 Days in American Canyon. I’m still working on being comfortable in front of the camera, but I had a lot of fun doing the project. Here’s day 30. If you aren’t from American Canyon…well, for starters you should be and for seconds, you probably can’t appreciate this:

I still have to add quite a few days to the YouTube Channel (I promise, I’ll get to it over the weekend), but all 30 live on my reels section on Instagram. I’m not sure what to do next (but probably not another 30 straight day thing) so if you have any ideas or places you think I should visit in the area, drop me a line. With that being said, here’s a quick look at the area news (it’s pretty American Canyon Centric this week, but that’s just where my head is):

  • An American Canyon man was car jacked last Friday in Napa last Friday. He was shot in the head. I’m not sure where we (as a society) go from here. There’s a lot to be said and yet words can’t begin to describe the myriad emotions that I have going through my mind. Like all politicians, I offer up thoughts and prayers but there has to be something greater than thoughts. At some point these thoughts and ideas must, necessarily, turn into action. I just don’t know what that particular action is…yet. But I’m working on it. The family has set up a GoFundMe account to help with this medical bills. I contributed some. It’s the least that I can do.
  • On a less serious note, have you ever wondered šŸ¤” what it’s like for a RealtorĀ® to sit on an open house that almost no one comes to?? You can see my excitement in this clip.
  • The dream of a six lane, Highway 29 through American Canyon is dead…long live six lanes! I’m not surprised, just seriously disappointed. I love roundabouts, but putting them at every single intersection (except American Canyon Rd) along Highway 29 is ludicrous. How long before the first kid gets hit by an agro šŸ¤¬ commuter. I’m disappointed in the Up Valley leaders who gave no support whatsoever; I’m disappointed in Cal Trans; I’m disappointed in Mayor Garcia and Councilmember Joseph. The NVTA vote never should have been unanimous. I think that it’s perfectly fine to rail against lost causes. They never should have toed the line.
  • American Canyon had its State of the City on Wednesday. There is some good information. It’s a little childish in places, but I appreciate City Staff’s efforts to make it more engaging than just a bunch of bobble heads on the screen. A couple of the big takeaways. First, there is a new transparency button at the bottom of the mass of links on the home page.

The Transparency link takes you to current city financials. You get to poke through the 2020-2021 actuals and the forecasts for this fiscal year. This is a super cool tool, one that I intend to make a lot of use of over the course of the next few weeks.

  • Terry McGrath spoke about Watson Ranch at the State of the State. It looks like we’ll be getting the first batch of homes (Lots 14 & 15) for sale from DR Horton at the beginning of October. Homes will be 3 to 5 bedroom homes and approximately 2200+ square feet. Starting prices will be in the early $700,000’s. There won’t be any affordable housing (beyond Lemos Pointe) in the project. But that’s hardly surprising, is it?
  • On a separate note, at the same time that Vallejo lifted their mask mandate, the city also gave the homeless population near the library 72 hours to vacate. The 72 hours was also on the cusp of the Point-in-Time homeless count. Well done, Vallejo.

That’s all for this week. Come back next week when you can expect another stunning report from Redfin about how there were a lot of multiple offers on homes in January.

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