In case you missed the news, baseball is back. Super πŸ₯³ I immediately went searching for the Walt Whitman quote from Ken Burns’ PBS Series on baseball. But I found the above segment instead and found it even more appropriate for this time in history. Not only for baseball but perhaps for the state of the country as it is…we certainly are in dire need for a new generation of heroes that will bring all of us together. It’s obvious that the current political class (across ideologies) aren’t going to cut it. For now, I’ll enjoy the remainder of Championship Week (when did that actually become a thing??!) on ESPN and ponder how in the world Joe Lunardi could leave my Cal Bears 🐻 out of the projected bracket. Don’t even bother coming at me with trifles like a winning record…That’s about it for deep thoughts. Stay tuned for the rest…

  • This one definitely falls under “W” in the old filing cabinet (think WTF if you need it spelled out)…After the total FUBAR that happened when CEO laid off 900 people just before Christmas…via Zoom…comes this week. The company has now laid off another 3,000 people – approximately 35% of their workforce; the employees only found out because of a payroll glitch. They were “unintentionally notified of their separation…ahead of schedule…”
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I’ll be honest, I’m sure that the (few) remaining employees at are awesome people, but I have some concerns about the senior management at the company.

  • Is (real estate) porn addictive? That’s the driving πŸš” question from Inman News earlier this week. I almost feel like the question speaks for itself, but really it’s asking a much broader question: How is Social Media destroying our lives? Netflix had a whole documentary about it. Watch it – but it’s not for the faint of heart. I find myself struggling every day with posting on social media and what impact it has on me…and then the lizard 🦎 brain takes over and I realize that I have to keep up with the jones’ and I’ll be making sure that this hits Facebook (Biz & Personal Page + stories), LinkedIn, Twitter, Insta (Story & Post…maybe at some point turn it into a Reel), Google My Business as a pic & a post, and Pinterest…Because I have to make sure that I’m everywhere. So, is Zillow (and Trulia, Realtor, Homesnap, etc.) a real estate company or is it really a social media company that is trying to seduce us and make us feel πŸ’© about our lives???
  • Can I just say, for a moment, that TGFR (Thank God for Redfin)…it seems that without them, the industry would have nothing to report on. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that someone is willing to do some datamining and interpreting so that I don’t have to, but I’m sure that other real estate companies do as well. Regardless, the Big Red One came out with a couple of scary numbers this week. As of the end of February, 5,897 homes sold for at least $100,000 above asking price. Those buyers better cough up πŸ€‘some major πŸ’° to cover the appraisal gap.
  • It’s not a problem if you have the cash to make up the difference, but let me assure you that when KCM starts talking about the American Dream, they can’t possibly be talking about all of us. Yes, depending on how you bend the statistics to your whim, owning a home is more affordable today than it was 30 years ago. But that doesn’t take into account this little nugget πŸ”»
  • In other news, it seems as though the Gen πŸ’€ is graduating and getting read to fly the coop. They currently make up the largest share of the rental market…There is absolutely nothing noteworthy about this article, but at least Inman is reporting off a press release from a company other than Redfin this week. Baby steps…
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